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Staten Island Mosquitoes – Spraying Has Begun

Staten Island is a wonderful place to live. It is the most secluded borough in NYC. We have more parkland and wildlife areas as a ratio to our living areas which makes Staten Island a great recreational area, for those who enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately, because we have more wetlands than other boroughs we also [...]

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Mosquitoes are Coming

May is only a few days away; and with the warmer weather and sunshine, comes a dark cloud over any picnic - mosquitoes. Why suffer through the bites and the itching, the scratching, the swatting? Mosquitoes can carry horrible diseases, like West Nile virus, Dengue fever, filariasis, Zika virus. Don’t huddle inside, fearing the outside [...]

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Mosquito Season

Most People don't think of mosquitoes until they are covered with mosquito bites that swell and itch. Unfortunately while we think of mosquitoes during the summer months, mosquito season begins in the spring and extends well into the fall. Mosquito season begins when the temperature gets to 50 degrees F. As the temperature rises the [...]

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