Q.  Is your chemical spray safe for kids and pets?

A.  It is environmentally safe and a completely biodegradable substance. Our spray is so safe that it is approved by the EPA for use indoors and for food preparation areas.

Q.  How long after the spray can my pets and kids re-enter the yard?

A.  10 minutes!  Although the barrier spray is safe for kids and pets, they must stay out of the yard until the spray dries.  This process takes 30 minutes at which time it is safe to re-enter the treated area.

Q.  How long does the treatment take to apply?

A.  We utilize a gas powered back pack sprayer to apply a misting spray. It takes about 20-30 minutes to apply.

Q.  How effective are treatments and how long do they last?

A.  SOUTH SHORES treatment program has been developed through comprehensive product testing and monitoring applications that last for 3-4 weeks. We have every confidence we will control the mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas to your 100% satisfaction.

Q.  Do you recommend special precautions if we own pets?

A.  Spraying alone will not keep ticks off your pets.  See your veterinarian for a tick control product called “Frontline”. Ticks are attracted to the carbon dioxide that your pet’s body gives off and will travel from up to 100 feet away to feed on your dog or cat.  Pets will attract ticks and bring them onto your property and into your home increasing the risk of tick-borne infectious disease.  If you have pets, having your property sprayed in conjunction with using Frontline is the only way to control ticks on your property.

Q.  We are having a garden and pool party and insects have been a real nuisance in the past – what should we do?

A.  You should consider our “party spray” service.  Throughout the year, many of our clients have parties or special events.  This spray is designed to target annoying pests, such as mosquitoes, gnats, and no-see-ums, etc.  The spray is applied before your gathering to reduce the amount of these troublesome pests.

Q.  What products do we use?

A.  We use all organic products: wonderside eco-friendly products, mosquito barrier, essentria 100% plant oils and Mr. T’s natural products. We also us Merit and Fenvastar depending on the season, temperature, and level of infestation

Q.  Why do you advertise your rates online when your competitors don’t?

A. We pride ourselves on providing all information to our customers upfront, especially the price!

Q.  Why are your prices so much lower than your competitors?

A. We understand that finances are a bit tight so we are doing our part to make our services affordable to everyone while still maintaining our excellent quality of service! We are locally owned and operated and not part of a mega-franchise, helping us keep our operating expenses low!