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Most People don’t think of mosquitoes until they are covered with mosquito bites that swell and itch. Unfortunately while we think of mosquitoes during the summer months, mosquito season begins in the spring and extends well into the fall. Mosquito season begins when the temperature gets to 50 degrees F. As the temperature rises the mosquito volume increases with the rise in heat. It is exacerbated by rainfall. Stagnant pools of water help the mosquito population which Staten Island is famous for. May is usually the time that mosquitoes start their invasion on Staten Island. It is a good Idea to have a mosquito prevention plan so you can enjoy your yard through the Summer months.

For maximum mosquito prevention, you need to have your plan in place before the mosquito season arrives. If you wait for swarms of mosquitoes to be seen before starting prevention, infestation has probably already occurred and it’s that much harder to eliminate your problem.

Staten Islanders should start preparing for mosquito season in April. Starting prevention methods before it gets warm will help keep the mosquito population down naturally. Remove anything that has the ability to collect water in your yard. Things like buckets, pails, flower pots, kiddie pools etc. are perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Any ground areas that collect water and create puddles should be eliminated. Fill in the areas with soil and seed if possible. Clean clogged rain gutters around your roof. Keep areas high and dry anywhere you can on your property.

Call South Shore, Inc. to protect your home, family and pets from mosquitoes. We offer a monthly application service. We’ll spray your property monthly for as little as $85.00 per month. We also offer landscaping services that will keep your home beautiful. We can also help repair any water collection areas that can contribute to mosquito breeding. Contact us or call 718-967-6936 for a quote or appointment.