May is only a few days away; and with the warmer weather and sunshine, comes a dark cloud over any picnic – mosquitoes. Why suffer through the bites and the itching, the scratching, the swatting? Mosquitoes can carry horrible diseases, like West Nile virus, Dengue fever, filariasis, Zika virus. Don’t huddle inside, fearing the outside world and the ravenous mosquitoes. Take back your yard; and live Mosquito Free, NYC.
Mosquitoes can be a terrible pest to have around your home or yard. They hide in the grass, flying out and biting as you pass, or even following you inside. Mosquitoes will usually congregate near or on stagnant water, where they lay eggs. Overturned garbage can covers are often perfect little cesspools for these insects. Mosquito Season for the northern US is generally within the time frame of May to August, with some species lasting into October, depending on the weather.
Our Services include a monthly spraying to kill mosquitoes and prevent them from coming around. We spray through from April through to October. We can also apply spray 2-3 days before your special event, to keep your guests happy and mosquito free. From weddings to pool parties, we cover almost any kind of out door event.
Enjoy your yard throughout the year. Protect your family, pets and property from mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. Each application lasts for 1 month. We recommend spraying from April through to October. Monthly services start at $85.00 per month. Call 718-967-6936 for a quote.