mosquito spraying and mosquito treatments staten island

Staten Island is a wonderful place to live. It is the most secluded borough in NYC. We have more parkland and wildlife areas as a ratio to our living areas which makes Staten Island a great recreational area, for those who enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately, because we have more wetlands than other boroughs we also have more mosquitoes.

On May 12th of this year mosquito spraying was started by the city health department on the Streets of Staten Island. Mosquito treatments areas include Arlington, Bloomfield, Chelsea, Travis, Fresh Kills, Port Mobile, Howland Hook, Wolfes Pond Park, Blue Heron Park, South Beach and Clove Lakes Park.

There are about 3,000 species of mosquitoes. The State of New York only houses about 70 species. Staten Island’s most common mosquitoes are the house mosquito, the Asian tiger mosquito and the Anopheles Mosquito. All of them are annoying and capable of transmitting certain diseases.

anopheles mosquito The common house mosquito or Culex mosquito are the ones we experienced most as children on Staten Island. They aren’t strong fliers. They are active at dawn and dusk. They manage to get into our homes where the air is still, and are likely the ones that cause mosquito bites in and around our homes. These mosquitoes prefer feeding on birds, will dine on humans in and around the home.

The Asian Tiger mosquito is known for it’s black and white stripes has shown up in Staten Island recently from tropical and sub tropical areas of Asia, through transportation These mosquitoes are tenacious and feed longer than the common house mosquito and others. They feed from dawn throughout the day until dusk. The Asian Tiger mosquito feeds well on humans. They carry eastern equine encephalitis and canine Heartworm.

tiger800The Anopheles mosquito derived from the Greek word, Anofelis or “useless” mosquitoes was originally known for transmitting human malaria now carries Heartworm to dogs in Staten Island and elsewhere. Of course there are many other species for mosquitoes in Staten Island, but these are the most common.

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